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Monday, 30 August 2010

Preparing for my next Craft Fair

I'm going to be selling at the Contemporary Art & Craft Fair in Upminster, Essex next Saturday (4th September) so I thought I would make the most of a chilly Bank Holiday and get myself prepared.  You only get at an hour to set up, and in my (limited!) experience, that hour just flies by, so I thought I'd give myself a head start.

I've got all my earrings hanging from a picture frame covered in tulle, and nicely secured with cling film, I've got necklaces in boxes all ready to open and lay out on the table, and I've decided which necklaces and earrings I'm going to put on my new display stands and they're all nicely packed away together.  Everything has a price tag on it, and I've put any extras, where I have more than one design, in a separate box - means less to unpack when I get there. 

I'm now worried that I'm being too organised!!!  I'll update you with how the fair goes, and some photos next week - wish me luck!!!


  1. i wish i had known there was a fair coming up <3

    lots & lots of vintage to sell hehe

  2. Oh that's a shame - the email address the lady who's organising it is emmieloustudios@hotmail.co.uk you never know, she might have a cancellation! Sue x