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Me and My Jewellery

I would like to share with you some jewellery that I have made either via commissions, or for myself.

The inspiration to make a piece comes from all sorts of places - seeing a necklace or bracelet in a store, or in a magazine, or something that an actress is wearing on TV; I even had a great idea while in a meeting at work! 

Sometimes I make something to go with a particular top or dress, but more often than not, I can just poke around in one of my many boxes of beads, and and idea will just pop into my head - coming directly from the beautiful shapes and colours.

Here are some of my favourite recent pieces, and the inspiration behind them:

This necklace was made for my Mum - she bought a new top, and asked me to make a necklace she could wear with it.  I had bought the coral coloured ceramic beads over a year ago, and they matched it perfectly.

I bought the turquoise marble beads last year, and just loved the colour and shine, but didn't really know what to do with them, until I bought the clear glass marbles at the Big Bead Show in April.  I added the silver spiral beads, as I thought the clean look of them complemented the glass beads perfectly.

The unusual colour combination in this necklace came from the design on a top I bought to wear for my Mum's 70th birthday celebrations earlier this year.  The top is mainly black, so I wanted something colourful to lift it, and these beautiful pink and black glass beads, and teal pearls worked perfectly.

These gorgeous fossil beads were another purchase at the Big Bead Show - as soon as I saw them I fell in love with the colours and they were just shouting 'HOLIDAY' at me! So I teamed them with gold plated wire and gold spiral beads to make a very exotic looking necklace, just right for my upcoming holiday!

I actually acquired these turquoise glass beads by mistake!  They were sent to me by a bead supplier who had mixed up my order with someone else's.  When I told them about the error, they said I could keep the beads, which was very kind of them!  The turquoise & antique copper complement each other beautifully and these will also go with me on my holiday!!

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  1. Really pretty! I love the turquoise and copper together and the fossil bead necklace has such gorgeous colours :D